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Kolorex Intimate Wash

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Kolorex® Intimate Wash is a soap free formulation of natural ingredients that is designed to cleanse, freshen and prevent irritation in intimate areas. Most soaps are very alkaline and wash away our skin’s protective acid shield.

Kolorex Intimate Wash is formulated with lactic acid to a natural and healthy pH of 4.5. It contains the scientifically studied herbal extract Kolorex Horopito for microflora balance and aloe vera to soothe, replenish and condition.

Kolorex Intimate Wash can be used in conjunction with Kolorex Intimate Care Cream or may be used as a standalone product for every day use to help keep microflora in balance.

Kolorex Intimate Wash is dermatologically tested and is non-irritating, non-sensitizing and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Kolorex Intimate Wash cream is free from:

• SLS/SLES (harsh soap)
• Synthetic preservatives
• Mineral oils
• Synthetic fragrances
• Parabens
• Animal products


Product Info-

Suggested Use-
Directions: Apply 2-3 pumps by hand or sponge while showering. Rinse well with water. For external use only. In case of irritation, discontinue use
-Free from synthetic preservatives

-Free from mineral oils

-Free from synthetic fragrances

-Free from parabens