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Doctor Wilson's Original Formulations Inner Healing - 90 Caps

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By Doctor Wilson's Original Formulations Support for healthy stomach and intestinal linings.* Formulated by Dr. James L. Wils... Read more Read more
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Support for healthy stomach and intestinal linings. Formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson.

Stress and Gut Integrity: Stress has multiple effects on your digestive tract. Gut integrity is responsible for proper barrier function, i.e., acting as a filter that allows nutrients to pass through your intestinal walls into your bloodstream while retaining toxins, undigested proteins and other substances for elimination. This healthy barrier function depends on the thin, slippery membrane (mucosa) lining your stomach and intestines. The mucosa is larger than a football field when spread out and creates a protective layer. Plus, it is also the site of intense immune activity. The mucosa requires rapid new cell growth to replace itself every few days and stay healthy. However, stress cuts back on new cell growth throughout your body. Stress also slows digestion, alters gut flora, and increases gut permeability. If the stress fatigues your adrenal glands, your digestive system is slower to return to a pre-stress level of building, maintenance and repair. Managing your stress and keeping the lining of your digestive tract in good shape is essential for optimal gut integrity and comfort, proper nutrient absorption, ease of digestion, good bowel function, elimination of toxins, and your overall good health.