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OmegaQuant Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)

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The HbA1c Test measures the amount of sugar (glucose) in your blood. When glucose builds up in the blood, it binds to a protein called hemoglobin. Testing your hemoglobin A1c level is a great way to gain insight into your body’s ability to metabolize glucose.
Product Info-

What is the HbA1c Test?

The Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test measures the percentage of hemoglobin A proteins on red blood cells that have glucose attached. The higher your blood glucose is on average, the more glucose there is attached to the hemoglobin A1c protein. Your HbA1c level reflects your average blood glucose over the past three months. A healthy HbA1c is below 5.7%, while a level above 5.7% indicates chronic elevated glucose and warrants a discussion with your healthcare provider.

Elevated HbA1c can be reduced and managed through diet and lifestyle modifications. You can expect to see changes in your HbA1c level when you retest in three months after making significant diet and lifestyle changes.

3 Simple Steps:

1. Measure - Testing your hemoglbin A1c level is a great way to gain insight into your body's ability to metabolize glucose.

2. Modify - Knowing your HbA1c level will enable you to modify your diet and supplements/medications.

3. Monitor - Monitoring changes over time is important in assessing the effectiveness of any lifestyle changes.
Suggested Use-

Instructions for Use:

Read all instructions prior to sample collection.


A. Sample collection card

B. Lancet

C. Bandage

D. Gauze pad

E. Alcohol wipe

F. Return envelope

User Instructions:

• Remove all components from the small plastic bag. Locate the collection card with the barcode on the front.

• Register the test kit at using the barcode on the collection card. You will NOT receive your results unless it is registered. During registration, there will be an instructional video showing how to collect a blood sample.

• Fill out information requested on the collection card.

• Prepare for fingerprick by improving blood flow by washing your hands in warm water and standing up and shaking your hand at your side.

• Clean the tip of the finger (index, middle, or ring) with the alcohol wipe. Allow alcohol to dry unassisted.

• Twist off the blue protective lancet cover. Place the lancet lightly on the tip of your clean finger and press downward firmly into your finger until a click is heard.

• Wipe away the first show of blood with gauze.

• Gently squeeze the flnger to allow a blood drop to form. This can take 15-30 seconds - be patient.

• Let the blood drop off your finger onto the collection card into the center circle.

• Repeat steps 8-9 to collect all 3 blood spots.

• When the blood spot is collected, apply pressure to the finger with the gauze pad and bandage the prick site.

• Let the blood spot dry with the flap open for several minutes. Fold the flap on the collection card over to cover the dried blood spot.

• Place the sample collection card in the plastic bag and seal the bag. Place this bag in the pre-paid return mail envelope, then mail on the same day.

• Discard the lancet and other supplies in the trash.

Persons with bleeding disorders or taking blood thinners should consult with their physicians prior to using this kit.