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Health Concerns Heavenly Water

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Heavenly Water Herbal Supplement -90 Capsules | Health Concerns Chinese Traditional Formulas 

About Heavenly Water Supplement:

Health Concerns Heavenly Water is a herbal supplement that contains a tried-and-true Chinese herbal mix that has been shown to help ladies suffering from stress and a range of menstruation symptoms. Its potent composition combines gotu kola root with chaste tree berries, passionflower, red date fruit, licorice, and more than a half-dozen additional all-natural herbs that support both the lungs and the liver. Heavenly Water by Health Concerns works by strengthening and toning the liver, as well as regulating the menstrual cycle, to alleviate PMS symptoms such as moderate sadness, breast pain, water retention, and irritability.

Health benefits:

  • Stops irregular periods- You may have an irregular period if your periods are less than 21 or more than 31 days apart, you have missed 2 to 3 periods, or your periods last longer than 7 days. Taking the heavenly water supplement can help you get your period in line and keep the PMS symptoms at bay.
  • Opens The Chest And Frees Liver Qi Stagnation- According to Chinese medical theory, the liver is important for the smooth passage of Qi (energy) throughout the body as well as the smoothing of our emotions. Anger, impatience, and irritation are all indications that our Qi is stagnant. This is known as Liver Qi Stagnation, and it is one of the most prevalent imbalances addressed by Eastern medicine practitioners in the US. The heavenly water health supplement helps open up the chest and frees the Liver Qi Stagnation restoring energy to our body.
  • Clears Liver Heat- The liver is the body's washing laboratory. Overeating fatty, oily, and high-cholesterol meals interferes with the liver's regular function. Long-term obstruction and stagnation, according to traditional Chinese medicine, result in the "generation of heat." Long-term stagnation of Liver Qi will eventually result in "heat in the Liver." Aside from bad food, "Liver Qi stagnation" is caused by persistent stress or unresolved anger. The heavenly water supplement also strengthens lung YIN and removes heat from the lungs.
  • Clears Stomach Fire- Indigestion is frequently the cause of a burning feeling in the stomach. It may, however, suggest food intolerance or more serious gastrointestinal disorders. But thankfully it is curable. You can use the health concerns heavenly water capsules to reduce your stomach burning sensation along with a clean diet and rest.
  • Nourishes Heart Blood- Blood, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is more than simply a physical substance. Blood is considered yin fluid in Chinese medicine. TCM considers blood to be a profound feminine power in the body. Blood is seen as a Qi transporter, and a knowledge of blood includes the notion that blood conveys intrinsic energy. It nourishes and moisturizes the body while also circulating nutritious Qi. taking the heavenly water heart supplement can help your heart pump healthy blood keeping the flow intact throughout your body.
  • Tonifies Spleen Qi Deficiency- According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), when your spleen is no longer functioning properly it is known as a spleen Qi deficiency. If you take the heavenly water herbal supplement it can help you restore your spleen Qi.
  • Removes Spleen Dampness- Dampness is the spleen's inability to transport and change bodily fluids, resulting in a buildup of moisture throughout the body according to TCM. Heavenly water capsules may help you get rid of moisture buildup and help manage bodily fluids.


internal: 2 to 3 tablets, 3 times per day, between meals


Gotu kola root Centella asiatica 

Chaste tree berries Viticis agnus-castus 
Passion flower Passiflora incarnatae 
Pseudostellaria root tai zi shen 
Scute root huang qin 
Pinellia rhizome ban xia 
Poria sclerotium fu ling 
White peony root bai shao 
Tang kuei root dang gui 
Cyperus rhizome xiang fu 
Tricosanthes root tian hua fen 
Red date da zao 
Baked licorice root zhi gan cao 
Citrus peel Chen pi 
Blue citrus fruit qing pi