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Hair Vitamins

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CodeAge Hair Vitamins - 120 Capsules | Promotes Hair Wellness Product Info- Serving Size:4 Capsule Servings Per Contain... Read more Read more
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Codeage Hair Vitamins is a premium, unique and all-in-one hair supplement formula which combines biotin, keratin, collagen, vitamins, probiotics, hyaluronic acid, enzymes and minerals all at once! This special hair formula contains 10,000 mcg of biotin, hydrolyzed collagen of type 1 & 3, keratin, omega-3, vitamin A, vitamin B (B6 & B12), vitamin C, D3 and E, pantothenic acid, folate, iodine, selenium, BioPerine, niacin, organic turmeric curcumin, organic ashwagandha, saw palmetto, silver ear mushroom, zinc and more!