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Full Spectrum K

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Full Spectrum Vitamin K - 90 soft gels | Supports normal blood clotting & calcium absorption Allergy Research Group offer... Read more Read more
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  1. Allergy Research Group offers a comprehensive formula that provides three forms of Vitamin K including K1 (Phytonadione) and K2 (Menaquinone-4 and Menaquinone-7).
  2. This vitamin might not be the most popular nutrient but it is extremely important for your body to function properly.
  3. The main function of this vitamin is to control blood clotting which helps prevent excess blood loss in case of injury. It is also helpful in calcium absorption which makes it an important element for bone health.
  4. There are many vegetables that are great sources of this vitamin like kale‚ collard greens‚ and spinach but in today's life, it is very difficult to eat a proper diet that provides all nutrients. If you want to increase your intake of this vitamin or have a known deficiency taking a supplement is a good option.
  5. This formula not only contains Vitamin K but also vitamins A, D, and E as gamma and delta tocotrienols for full body support.