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Fucus Complex

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Fucus Complex is a low-dilution homeopathic preparation of Fucus vesiculosus, Badiaga and Spongia tosta synergistically formulated to assist with thyroid insufficiency. Research indicates that following illness, glandular function is disturbed, in particular the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism. Clinical manifestations of thyroid insufficiency include low metabolic rate, poor resistance to cold, fatigue, impaired cognition, depression and tendency to gain weight. Thyroid dysfunction causes damage to the immune system, leading to increased susceptibility to illnesses. Fucus Complex is indicated for all symptoms related to thyroid insufficiency or following a thyroidectomy, and for restoring health to the immune and glandular systems, specifically the thyroid and adrenal glands.

Adults: Take ten drops two to three times daily or as recommended by your health care practitioner. To be taken 20 minutes away from food. Place drops directly under the tongue or into 1/4 oz of water.
Children: Divide dosage by half and follow adult directions.

Each drop contains equal parts of:
Fucus vesiculosus (Bladder-wrack) 1 X  
Spongia tosta (Roasted Sponge) 2 X  
Badiaga (Freshwater Sponge) 3 X