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Equalizer by Bioelements - 6 fl oz | Helps balance the complexion Bioelements offers Equalizer a hydrating facial toner tha... Read more Read more
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Bioelements offers Equalizer a hydrating facial toner that is designed to re-balance and nourish just-cleansed skin.

  1. After a good cleaning session, it is important to re-balance the skin so it can absorb your skin care products more effectively.
  2. This product can be used immediately after you cleanse to bring the skin back to its best pH.
  3. This formula also alleviates any tightness or dryness that might have occurred during cleaning.
  4. It contains many natural extracts that calm the skin to alleviate redness and irritation.
  5. This toner is a must-have to help your skin absorb incoming moisturizer and treatment products.
  6. This alcohol-free formula is ideal for oily, combination, and dry skin types.