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Ear Relief

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By Similasan USA Homeopathic Formulation 100& Natural Active Ingredients w/ mutli symptom relief: -Clogged ears -Ear disco... Read more Read more
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Homeopathic Formulation 100& Natural Active Ingredients w/ multi symptom relief: -Clogged ears -Ear discomfort -Trapped water -Itching Our Original Swiss Formulas are made with 100% Natural Active Ingredients, and for over 30 years have been providing families with remedies they can trust. Ear Relief ear drops help to temporarily clear water trapped in the ear, and the homeopathic ingredients help temporarily stimulate the body's natural ability to soothe the ear, decrease the ear's sensitivity to external factors such as water, cold, and drafts; reduce the clogged sensation in the ear; and return the ear to a water-free and comfortable condition. Uses: Helps temporarily relieve the sensation of fullness of the ear, sensitivity to water and drafts, and the annoyance of water-clogged ears by helping clear water trapped in the ear