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Allergy Research Group DIM Palmetto Prostate Formula - 60 Softgels

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DIM Palmetto by Allergy Research Group - 60 soft gels | Promotes prostate health & supports normal estrogen conversion DI... Read more Read more
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  1. DIM Palmetto by Allergy Research Group offers a stable, bioavailable form of diindolylmethane that support the healthy functioning of the prostate gland with powerful antioxidant and all-natural ingredients.
  2. As years go by prostrate health becomes the most important issue for men, taking the right nutritional diet may help you avoid complications but sometimes it is not enough. In these cases taking supplements is a good choice.
  3. This formula combines a powerful antioxidant known as DIM with saw palmetto, stinging nettles, beta-sitosterol, lycopene, pumpkin seed oil, and zinc. These ingredients work together to promote prostate health.