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DHEA-30 ml by BioMatrix | DHEA liquid Hormone Support for Adrenal, Heart, and bones

BioMatrix offers a plant-based bioidentical DHEA with a liquid formula to deliver it to the body in the best way possible. It is the most circulating hormone in the body, and more than 150 metabolic functions are dependent on it like immune health, muscle mass, body weight, mood, etc. Androgens and estrogens can be derived from optimum levels of DHEA, which can be helpful in multiple functions of the body. it supports the stress response of the body and increases anti-aging hormones. It promotes energy levels and encourages fat burning in the body.

As we age even the hormones that are highly present in our body lead to decline including DHEA. it plays the role of counterbalance to cortisol which is the very core of vitality. This supplement helps to prevent many symptoms of ill health and restores vitality. The importance of Biomatrix's DHEA is equally found in men and women as it helps in sex hormone function and it provides a hormone that you can't obtain from food or natural process.

It is derived from the extraction of Diosgenin yam, as DHEA produced from this process is molecularly identical to that which the body produces on its own your body can't tell the difference between the two. our body is able to absorb more BioMatrix DHEA which is in liquid form rather than pill and tablet forms. Each drop of this formula has 1.2 mg of DHEA, allowing you to enjoy high flexibility in your maintenance or intervention therapies.

The Formula consists of

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): it is also known as “youth hormone”, hundreds of chemical processes throughout your body are achieved because of also supports hormone metabolism, mood, and bone health

Glycerin: it is sourced from sustainable palm oil. it is used to preserve the integrity of DHEA.

Alcohol: it acts as a base carrier for the DHEA


  • The liquid form has a high absorption rate.
  • Supports hormone metabolism, mood, and bone health
  • Supports Brain Function
  • Improve focus, energy, heart health, and much more. 
Serving Size: 2 drops
Servings Per Container:500
Amount Per Serving
Other Ingredients:
Glycerin, Alcohol
Dietary Considerations:
  • Gluten-Free
  • Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors


Take 2 drops 2 times daily.


For specific recommendations, or if you are nursing or pregnant, consult your health professional. This product is formulated to be free of allergens derived from gluten, artificial colors, and flavors. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children. This product was sealed for your protection. Do not use it if the outer neck/bottle seal is damaged or missing.