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Cold Away

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Chinese Therapuetic Effects:
Wind Heat, Phlegm Cough 
Therapuetic Actions:

  1. Treats Cold & Flu
  2. Fever, sinus and chest congestion, coughing, aversion to wind, headache, sore throat
  3. Tonsillitis, otitis media, measles, pharyngitis

Internal: 3 tablets, 4 to 6 times per day, between meals 90 tablets, 750 mg, 7 day supply

Isatis extract Ba Lang Gen Da Qing Ye 
Lonicera Jin Yin Hua 
Andrographis Chuan Xin Lian 
Forsythia Lian Qiao 
Scute Huang Qin 
Platycodon Jie Geng 
Wild Chrysanthemum Ye Ju Hua 
Citrus Chen Pi 
Angelica Bai Zhi 
Magnolia flower Xin Yi 
Xanthium Cang Er Zi 
Licorice Gan Lao