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Biogena Chlorella Plus C

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By Biogena Chlorella: green alga supporting detoxification processes**Chlorella vulgaris is a very special freshwater alga. T... Read more Read more
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Chlorella: green alga supporting detoxification processes
Chlorella vulgaris is a very special freshwater alga. The green alga naturally contains high amounts of certain nutrients, such as vegan protein, iron and folic acid. Particularly outstanding is its proportion of chlorophyll, which – in contrast to other plants – is distributed throughout the cell. Research indicates that this nutritious plant supports the natural detoxification processes by binding to heavy metals and other toxins and shuttling them out of the body. Since Chlorella can also absorb undesirable substances from the environment, it is particularly important to pay attention to quality when using Chlorella supplements.

Biogena Chlorella Plus C – what is it?
Biogena Chlorella Plus C is a special preparation made from high-quality Chlorella algae combined with concentrated vitamin C. This supplement contains Chlorella vulgaris powder of the highest quality, which is cultivated in a patented closed glass tube system in Austria. With this sustainable system, premium algae are produced according to the model of nature in a protected environment that excludes pollutants and impurities. The best Austrian drinking water, sunlight and selected nutrients are sufficient for this high-quality algae product.