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Celadrin Joint Health

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Natural Factors Celadrin joint Health - 90 Softgels|Supplement to support joint function

Natural Factors Celadrin joint health supplement is a blend of special fatty acids, it is the most effective and one of the natural anti-inflammatory products. It works at the cellular level and supports cell membrane elasticity and fluidity. 


  • Joint comfort: Provides good and long-lasting joint comfort and supports in comfortable joint movement
  • Reduction of inflammation: The joints and the surrounding tissue become healthier
  • Promotes mobility and flexibility

Product Features

  • It is used in combination with joint health supplements like chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate.
  • Celadrin joint health is a cellular lubricant

What is Celadrin?

Celadrin is a natural blend of esterified fatty acids that are also called cetylated fatty acids. It treats muscle pains and joint pains that include osteoarthritis, strains, sprains, and bruises.  It is effective at reducing pain and improves functional performance in people with arthritis. 

Combinations of celadrin include myristoleate, oleate, laurate, palmitate, and palmitoleate carbons that are positioned for optimal effectiveness. Above all, it is completely protein-free and there is no risk of 'mad cow' disease.

Each day, a number of body stressors target the cell membrane’s lipids, damaging and potentially destroying the entire cell. 

Get healthier and stronger joints with the help of our Celadrin advanced joint health. It boosts the effectiveness of natural joint supplements like glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate.  Combining Celadrin with these supplements can enhance their performance and strengthen joint repair.

Celadrin works similarly to the essential fatty acids, EPA, and DHA from fish oils. Fatty acids provide huge beneficial effects on the immune and inflammatory responses of the body. They play a major role in decreasing cartilage breakdown, suppressing inflammatory cell functions, and decreasing inflammatory activities of the COX-2 enzyme.

FAQs on Celadrin Joint Health

What is the active ingredient in celadrin?

The active ingredient in Celadrin is menthol and it also contains cetylated and esterified fatty acids.

What is the meaning of Celadrin?

It means cetylated or esterified fatty acid complex that is in raw material form.

Is Celadrin vegan?

It is suitable for Vegetarians, vegans, and people with candida and lactose sensitivities.

Suggested Usage:

3 soft gels per day taken all at once with or without a meal or as directed by a health professional.

Contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners; no dairy, starch, sugar, wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, egg, fish, shellfish, salt, tree nuts, or GMOs. Sealed for your protection. Do not use it if the seal is broken. For freshness, store in a cool, dry place.


As with any supplement, consult your health professional before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive, or if you are taking medication, have a medical condition, or anticipate surgery. Keep out of the reach of children.