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Calcium Citrate 150 mg

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Calcium Citrate - 180 veg capsules | Supports bone & nervous system health If you want to strengthen your bones and teeth,... Read more Read more
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If you want to strengthen your bones and teeth, try this supplement by Allergy Research Group.

  1. This formula is a convenient source of an essential mineral in a very absorbable form. This nutrient helps strengthen bones and teeth while supporting nervous system function and muscle contraction.
  2. A deficiency of this nutrient may cause symptoms like mild cramps‚ muscle spasms‚ and sluggishness. If you can't get a sufficient amount of this mineral in your daily diet then taking a supplement containing this nutrient is recommended.
  3. Each serving of Calcium Citrate provides 150 mg of this important macromineral in a form that is well absorbed by the body.