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Biotonic - 2 fl oz | Promotes gastrointestinal & liver health If you’re looking for a herbal supplement that can promote o... Read more Read more
Category : Biocidin Botanicals, digestion, Gastrointestinal Health, liver function, liver metabolism, liver support
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If you’re looking for a herbal supplement that can promote overall well-being try this liquid formula by Biocidin Botanicals.

  1. High toxic levels can sometimes overwhelm your liver and gastrointestinal tract which can have a direct effect on your overall health.
  2. This formula is a blend of traditional Chinese herbs that promotes liver and gastrointestinal health and restores energy and vitality.
  3. This adaptogenic tonic contains artemisia that may help alleviate some symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome like minor diarrhea‚ constipation‚ or bloating.
  4. It also contains poria mushrooms that work to promote healthy kidney function and Siberian ginseng that promote liver function and may provide a gentle detoxifying effect.
  5. Each serving of Biotonic provides 219 mg of its proprietary blend per serving.