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Biocidin Throat Spray Advanced Formula

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Biocidin Throat Spray Advanced Formula - 1 oz | Provides relief from sore throats & increases immune activity If you are l... Read more Read more
Category : Biocidin Botanicals, Immune Support, Upper Respiratory Support
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If you are looking for a way to relieve sore throats but want to take a supplement with natural ingredients try this herbal throat spray by Biocidin Botanicals. 

  1. Whether it is the cold winter months or summer months when airborne irritants are at their peak sore throats are a common problem in both.
  2. This formula contains a blend of herbs and essential oils that can help alleviate some symptoms associated with sore throats.
  3. It has been designed to stimulate rapid immune response within 60 minutes of use which provides your body with the tools it needs to do its best work.
  4. This spray contains grapeseed extract that can help soothe irritated tissues of your throat with its gentle anti-inflammatory property.
  5. Biocidin Throat Spray Advanced Formula provides 30 mg of its proprietary formula per serving.