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Suki Skincare BioActive Purifying Face Serum

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• Reduces the appearance of redness, flare-ups and blemishing of all types
• Clarifies and purifies complexion

Suki® proprietary complexes™ combine high-performance ingredients to target issues safely and effectively.

Blemish busting complex™:

• Combines powerful botanical extracts: echinacea, goldenseal and zinc

Salicylic acid from white willow bark:

• Suki's “safe for sensitivities” format provides stable, slow acting high potency action without side effects of dryness, irritation or inflammation
• Reduces the appearance of blemishing of all kinds
• Calms overly reactive skin
• Purifies and exfoliates skin.
Product Info-
Active Ingredients: Dermican Tetrapeptide-9 + Copper Complex

Ingredients: organic roses (rosa centifolia) infused in purified filtered water (agua), standardized white willow bark for 15% active salicins (salix alba) extract, vitamin c liposome polypeptide (asorbyl palmitate), retinol liposome polypeptide (retinol liposomes), alpha bisabolol (vanillosmopsis erythropappa), organic echinacea (echinacea purpurea) & goldenseal (hydrastis canadensis) extracts, standardized dandelion (taraxacum officinale) extract, refined apple (malus frosts) enzymes, 100% natural food grade xanthan gum (xanthan)

• Recycled Materials

• Post Use Recyclable

• Renewable Energy

• Vegetable Inks

• Cruelty Free