Anti-Wart Drops

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Anti-Wart Drops provides a unique preparation of homeopathic remedies formulated for their exceptional ability to dissolve warts by destroying the causative virus. Warts or verruca are common contagious, epithelial tumors caused by the human papillomavirus, frequently occuring in individuals with poor immune system function. Anti-wart Drops is indicated for warts and for pruritis associated with kidney and liver disease, dry skin, parasitic and fungal infections and food allergies; and is an excellent adjunct to Cheliderm Cream.

Adults: Take 10 drops in the morning and evening.Children under 12: Take 5 drops in the morning and evening.


Juglans regia (English Walnut Tree) 2 X  
Buxus sempervirens (Boxwood) 6 X  
Nerium oleander (Oleander) 6 X  
Stannum metallicum (Tin) 10 X  
Taxus baccata (Yew) 6 X  
Vanadium metallicum (Vanadium) 10 X  
Thuja occidentalis (White Cedar) 8 X  
Sulfur sublimatum (Sulfur) 10 X  
Medorrhinum (Gonorrhea Nosode) 12 X  
Rana bufo (Toad Poison) 12 X