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Allergy Research Group Adrenal Cortex 100 mg

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Adrenal Cortex by Allergy Research Group - 100 veg caps | Supports adrenal gland  Adrenal Cortex by Allergy Research Group i... Read more Read more
Category : Adrenal and Stress, adrenal support, Allergy Research Group, AllergyResearch, Stress relief
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  1. Adrenal Cortex by Allergy Research Group is a dietary supplement that provides support for adrenal gland function in times of stress.
  2. These small triangle-shaped glands can be found on top of both kidneys and are responsible for producing many hormones like cortisol, aldosterone, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.
  3. These hormones work as fuel for the smooth functioning of the body. But factors such as aging and stress can slow down our adrenal gland hindering the production of hormones which ultimately causes many problems.
  4. This hypoallergenic supplement was formulated by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez M.D. and provides tissue from the cortex portion of the adrenal gland which is derived from cattle born and raised in Argentina.