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Absolute Moisture

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Absolute Moisture by Bioelements - 2.5 oz | Supports balanced water-to-oil levels Bioelements offers Absolute Moisture a light... Read more Read more
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Bioelements offers Absolute Moisture a lightweight facial moisturizer that is designed to balance water-to-oil levels in combination skin type people. 

  1. This formula contains self-adjusting hydrators that make sure that water-to-oil levels are balanced every wear on the face.
  2. This product is a lightweight cream that leaves skin smooth and balanced from dry cheeks to an oily T-zone.
  3. It contains ingredients like avocado, almond, and jojoba oils that are known for their ability to absorb moisture quickly.
  4. This moisturizer leaves the skin with a smooth and soft finish while also making the lines appear less visible.
  5. This product doesn't leave any oily feel or shine behind but is only recommended for combination skin types.