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Dentalcidin LS Rinse Biocidin

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Dentalcidin LS oral rinse - 1 oz | Removes biofilms & supports oral microbiome balance Biocidin Botanicals offers an oral ... Read more Read more
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Biocidin Botanicals offers an oral care solution with a Liposomal delivery system that is designed to remove biofilms and plaque and help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

  1. A biofilm is defined as a community of bacteria that are enclosed in a self-produced matrix it is also known as dental plaque.
  2. These bacterial biofilms cause many oral health issues like infections such as dental caries and periodontal disease.
  3. This broad-spectrum formula is a blend of 18 botanicals that help remove biofilms and support periodontal and gingival health.
  4. Just like Dentalcidin toothpaste, Dentalcidin LS oral rinse gently and effectively cleans and whitens teeth but also adds deeper activity in the periodontal area.