L-Carnitine fumarate

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L-carnitine fumarate | Pure Encapsulations L-carnitine fumarate | 120 Capsules

About L-carnitine fumarate

Enhanced muscle and fat metabolism support

*In studies, l-carnitine has demonstrated the ability to promote oxygenation of the heart muscle, support cardiovascular energy, enhance endurance training, and maintain healthy lipid metabolism. Fumarate, or fumaric acid, is an important compound, which is also naturally present in the body. As a component of the Krebs cycle (Citric Acid Cycle), fumaric acid plays a key role in generating energy. In combination with l-carnitine, it provides dual support for energizing the heart and muscles, unlike most forms of carnitine.

l-Carnitine fumarate has the potential to promote fat metabolism, increase endurance, and support the healthy functioning of the heart and muscles.

Servings Per Container: 120 

Take 2–4 capsules per day, in divided doses, between meals.

Serving Size: 1 vegetable capsule

Amount Per Serving
ascorbyl palmitate ...
(fat-soluble vitamin C)
l-carnitine ... 340mg 
(free-form)(from 586 mg l-carnitine fumarate)

other ingredients: hypo-allergenic plant fibre (cellulose), vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water