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Allergy Research Pycnogenol 100

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Pycnogenol 100 - 30 veg caps | Supports vascular and circulatory health Allergy Research Group offers a supplement that conta... Read more Read more
Category : AllergyResearch, antioxidant, blood circulation support
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  1. Allergy Research Group offers a supplement that contains antioxidants for vascular and circulatory health support.
  2. Pycnogenol® is a patented pine bark extract derived from the original French maritime and contains a unique blend of procyanidins, bioflavonoids, and phenolic acids.
  3. This patented extract is highly bioavailable and has more excellent biologic effects than its purified components individually.
  4. It supports capillary wall strength, permeability, circulation, cardiovascular health, brain function, normal blood sugar levels, etc.
  5. This formula provides 100mg of this patented extract per capsule for multiple health benefits.
  6. Over 400 published studies and reviewed articles demonstrate its safety and efficacy.