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BioMatrix's Pregnenolone-30ml | Supplement to Regain Hormonal Balance BioMatrix offers plant-based bioidentical pregnenolone f... Read more Read more
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BioMatrix offers plant-based bioidentical pregnenolone for hormone balance and adrenal health. This liquid formula is the most effective oral delivery method available and is molecularly identical to the pregnenolone that the body produces naturally which combined with its liquid form gives it an absorption rate much higher than pill or tablet form. it plays a critical role in many functions in the body while maintaining optimal hormone levels. It is also known as the master hormone because all major harmonies are derived from it.

Our body produces this from cholesterol but it declines with age, stress, and environmental toxins which in turn result in the decline of other essential hormones. It is extracted from wild yam and then micronized for maximum absorption. It also helps you to stay in good mood. it also promotes cognitive health by enhancing brain hormone function. It supports the HPA axis stress response and promotes anti-aging.

This is the precursor to all steroidal hormones and is produced by the adrenal glands. In addition to treating adrenal fatigue and aging, it is recommended as an anti-aging supplement. Due to various factors, our adrenal glands get tired which causes pregnenolone levels to drop and that leads to a decline in health. This formulation gives you the ability to deliver precise dosage with 1.2 mg of this supplement per drop giving you the freedom to customize your therapies. the formula is made with

Pregnenolone: As the precursor to many steroid hormones it has multiple benefits like good mental health, good mood, increase in energy, and nervous system function

Glycerin: Sourced from sustainable palm oil it is used to preserve and stabilize Pregnenolone and increase its potency.

Alcohol: It is used as a base carrier of this supplement.