Chelidonium Plex

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Chelidonium Plex
-Helps promote and maintain healthy liver and kidney functions and alleviates 
symptoms associated with overindulgence of food and alcohol.

Adults: Take ten drops three times daily or as directed by your healthcare 
practitioner. To be taken ten minutes away from food.

Children: Divide dosage by half and follow adult directions.

Invert bottle and shake lightly allowing drops to fall directly under tongue or 
into 1/4 oz. of water. Hold contents for about 20 seconds and swallow. To 
promote drop flow, invert bottle and shake before each use.


Chelidonium majus (Greater Celandine) 10 X 
Carduus marianus (Milk Thistle) 3 X 
Solidago virgaurea (Goldenrod) 3 X 
Berberis vulgaris (Barberry) 10 X 
Dolichos pruriens (Cowhage) 10 X 
Iris versicolor (Blue Flag) 10 X 
Ptelea trifoliata (Hop Tree) 10 X 
Taraxacum officinale (Common Dandelion) 10 X