Collection: EcoNugenics

EcoNugenics was founded by Dr. Isaac Eliaz in 1995. He is a clinician, integrative medicine expert, and researcher who formulates evidence-based advanced solutions based on a deep understanding of the body’s healing abilities to address specific health concerns. Econugenics brand supplements includes , mainly Pectasol, detoxification, immune support and mushroom-sourced supplements, which are helpful fordaily wellness and optimal health.

Herbs, botanicals, and mushrooms have potent compounds that have the power to enhance the healing and repair capacity of our body. This brand follow these principles to make formulations that improve health and are supported by peer-reviewed results.

Highlights of EcoNugenics supplements: Features and Benefits 

Here are some of the unique ingredients and health benefits of Econugenics supplements

  • PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin: This is the only clinically proven galectin-3 blocker which supports cellular health, gut function, cardiovascular function, safe detox, immune support and healthy ageing. It is available as powder, capsules, and chewables.

  • Tibetan Herbal Formula: It contains selected ingredients rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, which work at the cellular and genetic levels and act as pain reducers, circulation boosters, and anti-inflammatory agents.

  • Medicine mushroom formula: Mushrooms are natural healers and can absorb nutrients from their growing environment. Dr Eliaz developed a unique cultivation method in which he uses selected herbs that are grounded to powder and then used as a growth medium. Mushrooms grown with this approach are nutrient-dense, more potent, and effective. The brand has different mushroom formulas for immunity and broad-spectrum health benefits.

  • Honokiol Formula: Pure Honokiol is extracted from Magnolia officinalis bark and recognised as Nature’s “Smart Drug”. This formula has earned its place among the powerful solutions for long-term health and vitality.

  • Breast health formula: It supports and preserves healthy breast cell function. 

Some of the Popular Econugenics Supplements 

  • PectaSol-C Powder: This supplement is backed by strong clinical evidence and delivers total-body benefits, including healthy ageing, immunity, detoxification, healthy inflammatory response, cellular activity and cardiovascular support.

  • ProstaCaid: This advanced Prostate health formula supports healthy urinary function, prostate health, cellular regulation and hormone balance.

  • PectaClear: This Everyday Pesticide Detox and Defense formula removes harmful pesticides and heavy metals and protects organs that are susceptible to damage from pesticides and environmental toxins, including thyroid, GI tract integrity and microbiome.

  • ecoProbiotic: This Live-Fermented Botanical Pre + Probiotic Elixir is a special digestive formula by EcoNugenics that provides an optimal amount of good bacteria, optimises gut pH, acts as a superfood for healthy gut bacteria, and completely supports the digestive system. 

Collaboration with Well-known Health Institutes for Effective Results:

The Econugenics brand has partnered with renowned institutes to research and investigate the role of integrative approaches in managing cancer and chronic conditions.