Health Benefits of Chlorophyll: Exploring the Power of Liquid Chlorophyll

Exploring the Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll: How It Works

Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

How can we forget the wheatgrass shot trend? It was all about chlorophyll, which surrounds us everywhere. It is present in the green vegetables we eat and the green leaves we see. Some time ago, you might have read and even found people discussing, Do you know about chlorophyll water?


 Many people wondered why influencers are drinking it. Many claims were made, and this green superfood was credited with glowing skin, improved body odour, healthy digestion and much more. But are these only claims, or is there scientific evidence? This article will explore the truth about the benefits of chlorophyll, its supplements and much more.


Is it chlorophyll or chlorophyllin?

We all know that chlorophyll gives green colour to plants, but it is so unstable that it breaks down quickly once removed or separated. So what do you think? Is it the real chlorophyll you are taking, or is it modified for use? 

What companies do is they replace magnesium (one of the elements) with copper, and a semi-synthetic chemical called chlorophyllin is made. It is a water-soluble form which is easy for the body to absorb. Whatever chlorophyll supplements, capsules, tablets, tinctures, gummies, or mouthwash you come across contain chlorophyllin.


What is liquid chlorophyll?

It is a chlorophyll supplement in liquid form. It is easy to dissolve in water. You just need to add a few drops of liquid chlorophyll to water. Ask your nutritionist for the recommended dosage.  


Liquid chlorophyll: Is it better than capsules?

You might be confused about whether you should choose capsules or liquid form to reap most of the health benefits of chlorophyll. The body absorbs the liquid form easily. 

benefits of liquid chlorophyll


Have you heard of Chlorophyll gummies?

The function is the same: weight management, detoxification, maintaining healthy skin, neutralising free radicals (anti-oxidant support), and overall making you healthy.


Are there any benefits of chlorophyll, or these are only myths?

History often makes us curious and intrigued. The same happened with this miracle green in the 1950s. Colgate Chlorophyll toothpaste was believed to kill bacteria responsible for bad breath and tooth decay. This green-coloured toothpaste was popular, appealing to people and modern with mint, wintergreen, and clove flavours. 

Many patients called chlorophyll as green medicine when it was first used at Winter General Hospital in compound fracture cases with osteomyelitis and wide-open wounds.


What scientific evidence we have on chlorophyll and its supplements?

  • Chlorophyll has anti-cancer properties.

Dietary exposure to aflatoxins increases the risk of liver cancer. This toxin contaminates the food. Animal studies have shown that chlorophyllin could reduce the absorption of this toxin.

In a  study, 180 residents of Qidong took 100 mg chlorophyllin pills before each meal for four months, resulting in a 55% reduction in aflatoxin DNA damage biomarkers. This suggests that its supplementation or dietary inclusion of chlorophyll-rich foods can prevent hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) and other environmentally-induced cancers.

A diet rich in red meat is linked to an increased risk of colon cancer. Animal studies have shown that natural chlorophylls inhibit colonic cytotoxicity, cell proliferation, cell turnover, and lipid radical formation. Freeze-dried spinach diets also provided similar protection. These protective effects are attributed to its ability to prevent heme degradation and block the formation of toxic heme metabolites.


  • You get your skin glowing with chlorophyll. Here is the proof!

Sun exposure is always harmful to the skin. It brings signs of premature ageing, like wrinkles and pigmentation. Many changes like damage to the dermal matrix, collagen loss and elastin degradation occur when you are exposed to the sun for a long duration. 

In a study of an 8-week course, women with fine lines, wrinkles and solar lentigines were asked to apply a gel on the skin containing chlorophyllin complex salts (0.066%). The women were supposed to apply it in a pea-sized amount to the periocular areas, cheeks and nose daily in the morning and evening. Results were visible, and treatment was safe.

Acne and large pores are very common skin problems women face. In a study, subjects were asked to apply a gel containing a liposomal dispersion of sodium copper chlorophyllin complex on the face twice daily. In 3 weeks, results were seen. It was effective. 

Chlorophyll has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, which may benefit skin health.


  • Chlorophyll for weight loss: Does it work?

Obesity is a major health concern. A study investigated if green plant membranes (chlorophyll) help reduce body weight. 38 women were given dietary supplementation with green plant membranes once daily before breakfast for 12 weeks or three months. 


Some specific instructions were given, like eating three meals, consuming large quantities of fruits and vegetables, no snacks between meals, avoiding sweet drinks,  being physically active, and exercising 30 minutes daily. These women lost body weight with decreased waist circumference, leptin and body fat. Total and LDL cholesterol were also reduced. These women also experienced reduced urge for palatable food, and their appetite was under control.


So, what information did we get from this study? Eating healthy( fruits + vegetables), taking chlorophyll supplements, being physically active, and avoiding sugar and snacks may be helpful in controlling weight.


What do dieticians say about this miracle green superfood?

Dieticians say that Green vegetables, even frozen vegetables, contain chlorophyll. You eat spinach and broccoli, and you obtain chlorophyll. However, with supplements, the body absorbs more. Both the liquid and tablet forms are available. Liquid might be better because of the ease with which the body absorbs it. 

Green is not the only important colour. The more colours you add to your diet, the more different phytochemicals and benefits you receive, like carrots (beta carotene), eggplant (anthocyanin), and tomato (lycopene). Chlorophyll supplements are extra-beneficial, and at the same time, you need to eat both fruits and vegetables. Always remember the thumb rule: Consult a Nutritionist before starting a supplement. 


Tips to preserve chlorophyll content: Eat it right!

You can get if from spinach, broccoli, green beans, kiwi kale, romaine lettuce, arugula and green grapes. No matter whether it's a diet or a supplement, there is always a right way to consume, handle and store it. 

Here are the tips to help you retain higher chlorophyll content in fruits and vegetables.

  • Boiling for a short duration, like 5 minutes, is enough for boiling green beans to retain chlorophyll. Long boiling time compromises the content.
  • Steaming for a moderate duration is beneficial. You can steam spinach for 7.5 minutes. It maintains a higher chlorophyll content.
  • Microwave for a shorter duration, like for 1.5 minutes.
  • Minimizing storage time at low temperatures is better for maintaining higher chlorophyll levels.

    Are chlorophyll supplements safe?

    Usually, Dietary supplements containing chlorophyllin are safe. Studies have mentioned that despite several decades of human use, no side effects have been reported. Prioritizing medical consultation is mandatory before taking any supplement. Please consult with your physician for tailored recommendations.


    Final thoughts

    In this article, we discussed about chlorophyll and the beneficial role of chlorophyll supplements. A combination of healthy lifestyle and supplements may play a crucial role in managing health and skin conditions Also, chlorophyll supplements are available in various forms like capsules, gummies, liquid form, mouthwash, toothpaste and topical. 



    1. What does liquid chlorophyll do?

    It benefits the body in many ways, such as detoxification, weight control, healthy digestion, good immunity, anti-oxidant, deodorant, and fighting bad odours.


    • Does chlorophyll boost the immune system?

    It acts as an anti-oxidant, so reduces oxidative stress and prevents damage to the immune cells. Anti-oxidants also function to protect the immune system and increase the body’s resistance to infection. 


    • Is chlorophyll an antioxidant?

    Yes, it is an antioxidant and protects the body from damage caused by free radicals.


    • How does liquid chlorophyll detox the body?

    Liquid form protects the cells of the body and increases phase II biotransformation enzymes. Studies have shown its effectiveness in protecting the liver. Chlorophyll maintains liver health and improves the body's ability to eliminate harmful toxins.


    • Which foods are high in chlorophyll?

    These are spinach, kale, broccoli, parsley, green beans, kiwi, and wheatgrass.


    • How liquid chlorophyll good for your skin?

    It has been shown that chlorophyll benefits sun-damaged and acne-prone skin with large pores; this may be attributed to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties.


    • Who should not take liquid chlorophyll?

    Pregnant and lactating women should not take it due to the lack of safety data in this group. Generally, you should consult a Nutritionist before taking any dietary supplement.

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