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Taurox SB 6X Enhanced

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Active ingredients: 
Abies nigra 
Aloe socotrina 
Arnica montana 
Cactus grandiflora 
Lycopodium clavatum 
Tauroxicum (COBAT) 
Each of the above at 6x(14%), 12X(1%), 30X(1%) 
Calcarea carbonica at 8x(14%), 12X(1%), 30X(1%) 

Other ingredients: 
20% ethanol, purified water. Do not eat or drink 15 minutes before or after taking Taurox SB.

Suggested Use: 
Adult dose- Place 12 drops under tongue daily. Leave the drops in our mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing.


Take only as directed. Decrease dose or stop using this product or contact your doctor if symptoms worsen. So not use with immunosuppressive agents, if you have had an organ transplant, if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not use if under 15 years old. So not use in eyes or ears or if tamper resistant seal is broken. 
Keep out of reach of children.