Serola Gel Arc Elbow Brace

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- One Size Fits All - Made in USA - Soft, comfortable material - Pocket for holding Gel Arc - Foam pad at buckle for added comfort For relief of pain from tennis, golf, bowling, arthritis, stress and strains, and some types of carpal tunnel syndrome. PURPOSE OF ELBOW BRACE: To promote comfort and healing of elbow pain during activities and rest. THE SEROLA DIFFERENCE: The Serola Gel Arc is dual-sided – specially made for comfort and flexibility with your choice of mild or concentrated compression. The unique tackiness of the Gel Arc assists secure placement while the patented Gel Arc provides maximum absorption of stress from muscle pull, shock and vibration. Unique qualities include: • Selective Compression – to forearm tendons and muscles • Interchangeable – for right or left arm, lateral or medial epicondyle • Flat Side – for diffuse pressure • Ridge Side – for concentrated pressure • Superior Absorption – of muscle pull, shock, and vibration HOW IT WORKS: Our research developed an elbow brace that provides relief by: • placing a compressive barrier between the muscles and the epicondyle (the bony knob at the elbow) to effectively shift the pull to our unique barrier – the Gel Arc • Taking stress off the epicondyle and absorbing muscle pull, shock, and vibration helps prevent further injury and pain for more efficient healing.
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