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Acurea Facial Tools Rose Quartz Roller

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Gemstones were used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The philosophy is that gemstones support our Jing Qi (life essence), blood circulation and fluids (lymphatic drainage). Traditionally, rose quartz supports heart energy in particular. It’s good to gua sha on the chest with rose quartz because the action tonifies the heart qi.

“It’s believed that the properties in rose quartz serve to help generate skin cell renewal, as well as improve uneven or dull skin complexion. That’s by simply holding crystal to your skin so you can absorb its properties.” Rose quartz is especially good to use in the morning or if you have sensitive or inflamed skin. There’s really no right or wrong way, do what feels good. But practice gua sha after cleansing and before any night creams or moisturizers.

Product Info-

Suggested Use-
1) Start at the base of your neck. Gently roll in a downward motion from ear to clavicle. Repeat 3x then move to the next section, working across your neck from the ear to the center line.

2) Move to the center of your chin. Roll out from the center towards the hair line. At the end of your third pass toward the hairline, drain the lymph by rolling down the side of the face toward the clavicle once. Continue this pattern, rolling horizontally across the face 3x then draining once down perpendicular to your previous movement, as you work your way up the face.

3) At the under eye, use the small end of the roller. Roll 3x from the nose toward the end of the brow. On the last roll, finish by drawing down the side of the face to the clavicle. Repeat these movements just under the eyebrow.

4) Lastly, gently roll from the center of the forehead toward the side of the face 3x, draining down to the clavicle on the last pass. Repeat this moving up the forehead.

5) To finish, repeat your last draining movement 2-3x more. Repeat on other side.