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Optimal Start

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Optimal Start by Seeking Health | Free of methylfolate, B12, copper and iron | 120 Capsules

About Optimal Start

Optimal Start by Seeking Health is a unique multivitamin free of copper, iron, calcium, B12 and folate with additional supportive adaptogenic herbs.
Dr Lynch designed the Optimal Start multivitamin for those sensitive to methylated nutrients, certain minerals, and stress.
This unique formulation contains a well-rounded blend of vitamins, and minerals including trace elements, plus herbal extracts for stress support, immune system health and antioxidant support.
A complex of active B vitamins are included to help support healthy energy metabolism, nervous system health, and normal metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Vitamin B12 and methylfolate are excluded from this complex to provide a specialized formula for those who are not able to tolerate supplemental methylation support or who are just starting out on a methylation support protocol, or for those who wish to add these important B vitamins into their regimen at their own pace.

The gentle, chelated minerals are provided in well-absorbed forms without iron, copper, iodine and calcium, which may require more precise dosage control for individuals with thyroid or adrenal concerns.

Optimal Start Benefits

• Free of methylfolate, B12, copper and iron.
• With adaptogenic herbs to help support adrenal health.
• May help support a healthy immune system.
• May help support a healthy response to stress.
Suggested Use

Take 4 capsules once daily with food or use as directed by your healthcare professional. California residents should not exceed 2 capsules daily.

May be taken in divided doses if desired. Please see the label for additional Supplement Facts for California Residents.

Do not take it within 5 hours of bedtime as it may interfere with sleep.