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Natural detox formula & metal detox tonic.*

NDF® is a metal & chemical detoxification support which helps balance beneficial nutrient and mineral levels. It is a gentle detoxifying formula for individuals with a normal constitution.*

NDF® supports the excretion of metals. NDF® also mobilizes and binds to chemicals and pesticides. The chlorella cell wall in NDF® is a mucopolysaccharide (non-metal) ion exchange resin (MIER™). It forms both ionic and double bonds with metals in the body. NDF® supports memory, immune function, tolerance of environment, supports normal healthy histamine response, supports vitality, energy & focus.*


• Supports memory, immune function, tolerance of environment*
• supports normal, healthy histamine response*
• Supports vitality, energy & focus*



Product Info-
Amount Per Serving
Micronized Yaeyama Chlorella PolyFlor™ cell wall lysates of:
Organic Cilantro
L. rhamnosus
B. bifidum
L. acidophilus
B. infantis
B. longum
L. thermophilus
L. plantarum
L. salivarius
L. reuteri
L. casei
L. bulgaricus
L. acidophilus DDS-1
Other Ingredients:
Deionized water, gluten-free grain alcohol (20% by volume)
Dietary Considerations-
  • Organic
Suggested Use-
Suggested Use:

6 drops twice a day in 10 ounces of distilled or r/o water on an empty stomach constitutes the average dose for a 150 lb. adult . Sensitive individuals may want to start with one drop and gradually ramp up the dose. Dosage can be adjusted up to 2 ml. twice a day. Supervision by a physician is recommended.

A 1 ounce bottle is a 2 month supply at the average dose of 6 drops twice daily.
•Storage: Store in cupboard. No refrigeration necessary.