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Sabre Sciences Hot Flash

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A complex combination of bio-identical USP grade progesterone and adrenal precursors with sophisticated transdermal absorption technology.

Product Info-
Amount Per Serving
Deionized Water
Glycerol Monolaurate
Octyl Salicylate
Glycerol Stearate
Jojoba Oil
Cetearyl Alcohol
Coco Glucoside
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Safflower Oil
Dl-Alpha tocopherol
USP Progesterone
Royal Maca
Acrylates/Vinylisodecanoate - crosspolymer
DHEA (as Dehydroepindrosterone)
Muira Puama Extract
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Vitamin B12
Propyl Gallate
Citrus Seed Extract
Sodium Hydroxide
Suggested Use-

For best results, apply 1/4 tsp twice daily upon rising and at bedtime to soft area of skin (upper chest, inner wrist or inside upper arm). Rub crème thoroughly into skin. Alternate application area on a weekly basis.

Non-Menstruating: You may start using anytime. Use daily. Menstruating: You may start using Hot Flash Free anytime after day 7 of your cycle. Discontinue use during the 6 days of your menses.


For women only. Do not use if under 21, pregnant or lactating.