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Harmonizing Kit: Phase 4 male Granule

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Rebalancing & Harmonizing Program (Granules)

Unda# 1: For the relief of symptoms associated with biliousness, fatigue following meals and headaches

Unda #9: For the relief of symptoms associated with chronic stress, worry and mental strain.

Unda #34: For the relief of fatigue and sleepiness after meals associated with thirst.

Natrum Muriaticum: Helps promote and maintain overall health and assists with the temporary relief of symptoms associated with general colds.

Pulminum: Helps to support normal breathing and respiratory functions.

Orchitinum: Helps maintain normal male reproductive health.

Cerebellinum: Helps maintain balance and coordination.

Epiphysinum: Helps maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

Instructions are included in kit.

Unda #1
Each drop contains equal parts of:
Millefolium Whole Plant
Uva-Ursi Leaf
Angelica archangelica Root
(European angelica)
Equisetum arvense Stem
(Common horsetail)
Lycopodium clavatum Spore
Terebinthina laricina Balsam
Argentum metallicum 12X

Inactive Ingredient: Ethanol (beet), Purified water

Unda #9
Each drop contains equal parts of:
Melissa officinalis 4X
Mentha piperita 4X
Salvia pratensis 4X
Thymus vulgaris 4X
Valeriana officinalis 4X
Aurum metallicum 12X
Plumbum metallicum 12X

Alcohol content 25%

Unda #34
Each drop contains equal parts of: 
Equisetum arvense 4X
Humulus lupulus 4X
Hydrastis canadensis 4X
Juniperus communis 4X
Syzygium jambolanum 4X
Aurum metallicum 12X

Alcohol content 25% 

Natrum Muriaticum 6X
(Sodium Chloride)

Pulminum 4CH

Orchitinum 4CH

Cerebellinum 4CH

Epiphysinum 4CH
(Pineal gland)