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Homeopathic Medicine

Uses: Temporary relief of symptoms due to aging, such as: poor memory, poor concentration
Adrenocorticotrophin 6X Helps manage stress
Arnica montana 6X Antiinflammatory
Barium oxalsuccinate 3X Forgetfulness
Baryta carbonica 6X Improves mental attention
Brain derived neurotrophic factor 4C Helps mental activity
DL-Malic acid 3X Improves attention
Frontal lobe, Porcine 6X Stimulates mental alertness
Glandula suprarenalis suis 6X Detoxification
Hepar suis 6X Detoxification
Hypothalamus 6X Improves mental attention
Insulin-like growth factor-1 4C Enhances protein anabolism
Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone 6X Helps manage stress
Melatonin 4C Helps manage stress
Neurotrophin 3 4C Helps mental activity
Neurotrophin 4 4C Helps mental activity
Oxytocin 6X Stimulates social recognition
Parabenzochinon 3X Antioxidant
Phenylalanine 3X Stimulates mental alertness
Plumbum metallicum 6X Antiaging
Pyruvic acid 3X Antioxidant
Thyrotropin-releasing hormone 6X Helps manage stress
Thyroxine T4 6X Stimulates mental alertness
Ethyl alcohol 30%
Suggested Use-
Directions: Adults: 10 drops 3 times a day in a
little water. Take 15 minutes before meals.