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Plant enzymes that help maintain healthy digestion

Gastri-Gest is a powerful combination of plant enzymes that help maintain healthy digestion and intestinal enzyme activity.*

Beneficial for those with occasional indigestion.*

Enzymes promote absorption in a healthy gastrointestinal tract.*

A vegetarian formulation.

See also EnzyGest, Hypo-Gest and Gluten Resolve.

A powerful combination of highly active plant enzymes. The enzymes in Gastri Gest are stable and active in a wide range of ph from 2-12.

Digestion of all carbohydrates, fats, fiber, proteins and sugars.

Servings Per Container: 120 

Adults take two (2) capsules before meals as a dietary supplement, or as directed by your physician.


Serving Size: One (1) vegetarian capsule

Amount Per Serving
A Proprietary blend ...315mg**
Amylase (a. oryzae) 41, 000 USP
Lipase (a. niger) 125 LU
Cellulase (a. orzyae) 360 cmc-aseU
Lipase (r. javanicus) 1, 050 LU
Cellulase (a. niger) 60 CU
Protease I (a. orzyae) 10, 500 USP
Protease II (a. orzyae) 6, 750 PC
Protease III (a. orzyae) 25, 000 HUT
Protease IV (rhizopus niveus) 500 HUT
Lactase I (a. orzyae) 730 LacU
Lactase II (a. orzyae) 70 LacU
Sucrase (saccharomyces sp.) 16 IA
Maltase (hordeum vulgare) 220 DP
Papain 3000 USP
Gamma Orzyanol ...65mg**
Althea Officinalis (marshmellow) ...120mg**
Ulmus Fulva (slippery elm) ...120mg**
Acidophilus ...12.5mg**
Bifidus ...12.5mg**

** No U.S. Daily Value has been established.

Rice Powder

Supplemental Facts:
Contains no preservatives.