Fine Line Treatment Oil

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100% pure, accelerated rich nutrient oil with anti-inflammatory qualities, deeply penetrates skin to calm, regenerate, oxygenate, balance, restore and maintain youthful healthy radiant skin. Concentrates of essential fatty acids and therapeutic essential oils help maintain balanced moisture in normal skin without clogging pores. Ayurvedic herbs and antioxidant nutrients support repair of damaged tissue, rejuvenate skin and help prevent aging. Aromatherapeutic essential oils bring a calming, cooling balance for the pitta dosha while treating sensitive pitta skin. The oil plumps, smoothes and softens fine lines and wrinkles and gives skin a youthful radiant glow.

• BioRegenesis Skin Care System
• Ultra Nourishing
• Pitta
• Sensitive/Normal Skin
Product Info-
Ingredients: Shatavari oil; Jatamansi oil; Brahmi oil; Bringraj oil; Neem oil; Amla oil; Guduchi oil; Licorice root oil; Turmeric oil; Calendula oil; Chamomile oil; Shavegrass oil; Comfrey oil; Spirulina oil; Chamae rose root oil; Jojoba oil; Almond oil; Sunflower oil; Aloe vera oil; Coconut oil; Grapeseed oil; Squalane; Foraha oil; Rose hip seed oil; Borage oil; Evening primrose oil; CO2 extract oils of calendula, carrot, rose hip, rose hip seed, seabuckthorn berry, borage, evening primrose and frankincense; Vitamin E acetate; Vitamin A palmitate and D3; Alpha lipoic acid; CoQ10; Essential oils (blue chamomile, carrot seed, coriander, davana, elemi, geranium, helichyrsum, jasmine, jatamansi, khus, lavender, lemon, melissa, mimosa, myrrh, neroli, turmeric, yarrow, ylang ylang).
Suggested Use-
Directions: Gently shake before use. Apply a few drops alone at night after exfoliating skin or in combination with Regenesis-EnergenTM Cell Activator II for best results. may be used AM and PM as desired.