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Fertility Whispere Fertility Whisperer Customer Kit

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Fertility Whisperer Empress (Female Formula)

With all the modern day stressors in women's lives maintaining equilibrium with female hormones and endocrine is a challenge. Fertility whisperer proprietary herbal formula supports the reproductive function, women's healthy menstrual cycle and overall wellbeing, preparing the body for conceiving.

Fertility Whisperer Emperor (Male Formula)

This amazing formula draws from ancient herbal medicine to ignite vitality needed to help create the spark of life- or qi. Having a strong metabolic and reproductive system is essential for men's overall physical health and exuberance. Fertility comes natural with the use of this herbal formula.

Optimize fertility naturally with the Fertility Whisperer kit!

Stimulate blood flow with magnets, nerve innervation with ear seeds, achieve relaxation with essential oils. The moxa spray and stick on moxa are added to increase blood flow and stimulate important acupuncture points associated with fertility. The reusable hot compress provides a warming and relaxing effect to the uterus to increase fertility. Use the provided ear and body charts to help placement of ear seeds, magnets and stick- on moxa. Products are placed in a handy carrying case for safekeeping and travel.

Kit includes:

Ear Seed, pack of 100
Body Magnets, pack of 12
Moxa essence spray
Stick- on moxa, smokeless- 20/ box
Essential Oil- OM
Ear chart
Body chart
Reusable hot compress
Utility pouch
Product Info-

Fertility Whisperer Empress (Female Formula)

Ingredients: Shou Di Huang Root, Dang Gui Root, Black Cocosh Root, Shatavary Root, Chaste Tree Berry, Bai Zhu Root, Bai Shao Root, Fu Ling, Maca Root, Zhi Gan Cao Root, Ren Shen.

Fertility Whisperer Emperor (Male Formula)

Ingredients: Fresh Ashwaganda Root, Yin Yang Huo Leaf, Shou Di Huang Root, Mucuna Puriens Seed, Li Ji Seed, Shan Zu Ju, Fu Ling, Shan Yao, Mu Dan Pi Root Bark, Ze Xie.