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Dietary Supplement Supports healthy balance of hormones* Find balance for All of Life's Stages Hormone levels affect your body in many ways resulting in: • Fatigue • Menstrual cramps • Mood swings • Difficulty losing weight • Occasional PMS EstroBalance®* with DIM® promotes: • Natural support for estrogen balance and efficient fat metabolism • Breast wellness and healthy cell development Many women today have high estrogen levels due to stress, diet and environmental exposure to estrogen-like materials. These high levels, known as estrogen dominance, can disrupt the estrogen-progesterone ratio, which increases your need for hormone balance. A Brilliant Way to Get DIM®! EstroBalance® women's formula is a safe, natural formula containing DIM from Indolplex®. For DIM (diindolylmethane) to affect hormone balance, it must be specially processed, so this unique formula is designed for easy absorption by the body.