Ear Candle Beeswax 1/2"

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By  White Egret

Product Info-

What's included:

• 4 Handmade Ear Candles

• 5 Strike - Anywhere Matches

• 1 Candle Holder/Protective Plate (the box)

Ingredients: 100% non-GMO cotton muslin cloth, beeswax.

Dietary Considerations-
  • Non-GMO
Suggested Use-

Step 1: Have client lie on their side with ear facing up.

Step 2: Remove the contents and disassemble the box.

Step 3: Remove the perforated circle in the center and place the small end of the candle through the plate.

Step 4: Light the large end of the candle, holding a finger over the small end until smoke billows out the small end. Place the small tapered end firmly, but gently into the ear making sure candle is vertical.

Step 5: Let candle burn about 1 to 1.5 inches then trim the ash with scissors and place ash in a bowl of water.

Step 6: Once candle has burned to 3 inches tall, snuff out flame and remove from ear. Discard candle.

Step 7: Gently swab the ear and then place 3-4 drops of Garlic or Mullein Oil on a cotton ball and set in ear. This prevents ear from itching or cracking. (Each candle will burn approximately 12-15 minutes.)


This box is not flame retardant. Never leave it unattended while in use.