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Diabetrol by Ecological Formulas is a dietary supplement designed to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range.* Among the potent ingredients in this proprietary blend are fenugreek seed, niacin, chromium, rutin, glutathione complex, inositol and vanadyl.

Men and women who incorporate Diabetrol by Ecological Formulas into their daily dietary regimen may receive a range of health support benefits:

• Supports the maintenance of blood sugar levels within the normal range.*
Amount Per Serving
Vanadyl sulphate2 mg
Myoinositol60 mg
Non yeast GTF containing chromium (trivalent)50 mcg
Glutathione complex60 mg
Niacin15 mg
Fenugreek (subfraction)300 mg
Rutin50 mg
Dietary Considerations-
  • Wheat Free
  • Soy Free
  • Yeast Free
  • Corn Free
  • Egg Free
Suggested Use-
Suggested Use:

1 cap 1/2 hour before meal