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You know that cilantro extract is good for you, supporting healthy digestion, but it is also well-respected for supporting a healthy detoxification response*. Cilantro oil helps support a healthy overall digestive response. It is a tasty oil and can be used in cooking and marinades.

What's inside?


Cilantro is the same as coriander. The seed contains the richest content of biological substances and an essential oil can be extracted. This is a food-grade oil that can be consumed regularly to support a healthy digestive and detoxification response. Cilantro/coriander oil is well-known to support a healthy detox reaction against metals.* As well, there is a cilantro essence or hydrosol, which also supports healthy digestion and detoxification. Cilantro is rich in the rare trace mineral, rhenium.

Beneficial for: Detox and digestive system.*

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

There are countless benefits from the regular intake of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, including major support for cardiovascular health. It also supports a healthy digestion and when of high quality, it supports healthy digestion, especially in regard to the liver and gallbladder. The oil is also excellent for skin and hair health.* That's why it is the major carrirer oil for North American Herb & Spice supplements.

Beneficial for: Digestive system and kidney & bladder health.*

• Charged with sun energy
• Pure stream extracted
• Sourced from the Mediterranean Mountains
• Hand picked by villagers
• Full spectrum
• Vegan
• Whole food

Cilantrol is a good source of:

• Phenolic compounds
• Polyphenols
• Terpenes
Product Info-
Serving Size:5 Drop
Servings Per Container:172
Amount Per Serving
Proprietary blend in extra virgin olive oil
Mountain grown cilantro oil
Mountain grown coriander oil
Wild oregano oil P73
Suggested Use-
Directions: Take five more drops under the tongue in juice or water as often as needed.