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Cedar Eucalyptus Soap 4 oz

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Grounding & Refreshing Blend that Eases Stress

The deep and rich aroma of cedar combines with bright and fresh eucalyptus for a perfectly blended soap to gently invigorate the senses. Cedar and eucalyptus are beautiful, towering trees that teach us to ground our roots while always reaching for the sky. This powerful botanical combination helps take the edge off by relieving stress and tension from the body and mind, and encourages a feeling of stability and confidence. Eucalyptus, in particular, is known to promote clear channels for breathing, which makes this soap an excellent choice for balancing kapha, especially in the respiratory tract.

Delivered in a base of organic saponified oils that are GMO-free, the woody, grounding influence of cedar helps to balance the clarifying scent of eucalyptus to make this soap a well-rounded choice for all constitutions, all year-round. Whether you’re soaking in a long, luxurious bath, or having a quick shower before starting your day, you can’t go wrong with Cedar Eucalyptus. Go ahead, treat yourself!


Product Info

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut*, palm*, sunflower*, safflower*, rosemary extract, essential oils of Himalayan cedarwood, eucalyptus, and patchouli, vitamin E (GMO free)

Dietary Considerations
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan