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Mirabella Beauty Boost & Revive LED Light Therapy Mask

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The Boost & Revive Phototherapy 7-Color LED Facial Mask is a safe, professional light therapy treatment proven effective for at-home or professional use. This hands-free, wearable device uses a combination of natural light waves transmitted by Light Emitting Diodes (LED) to treat many skin concerns. 153 lights and 7 light color modes work together to smooth wrinkles, combat discoloration, clear acne, and promote collagen for a beautiful, more youthful appearance.
Product Info-
PRODUCT NAME: Boost & Revive Phototherapy 7-Color LED Facial Mask MATERIAL: ABS+PVC+Silicone BATTERY CAPACITY: 450mAh WORKING VOLTAGE: 3.4-4.2V WORKING CURRENT: 20mA-200mA WORKING TIME: 150mins ACCESSORIES: USB Cable, User Manual, Convenient Storage Bag
Suggested Use-

1. Clean the skin thoroughly before use.

2. Put on the Boost & Revive Phototherapy 7-Color LED Facial Mask, short press to turn on, and select the desired light mode or cycle mode. (Suggestion: Use with Mirabella’s Replenish & Restore Multi-Peptide Serum for best results.) Single Light Source Mode (15mins): Long press the power button on the mask to automatically enter the red light source mode, short press the mode button to switch the light source, select the appropriate light source, and perform single light source phototherapy. The mask will automatically power off after 15 minutes.

Color Cycle Mode (14mins): Long press the mode button; to automatically enter the cycle mode. The cycle mode rotates each light color, red-blue-green-yellow-cyan-purple-orange, in a sequence. Each light cycle is 2 minutes for a total of 14 minutes. Mask will automatically stop when the full process is complete. To exit the Color Cycle mode, long-press the mode button again to enter the current single light source mode.

Suggestion: Be careful not to look at the LED lights for extended periods before securing the mask on the face. Protective goggles ensure the eyes’ safety during use.

Recommended Use: 2-3 times a week, no more than 30 minutes each time.

Do not apply pressure to the eye area during use. If skin becomes irritated, discontinue use. Do not use if pregnant, have epilepsy, or are experiencing thyroid issues. This device should be stored in a place that is out of reach of children. Do not insert any materials into the USB socket to prevent short-circuiting.