Amino Acid and Mineral Liquescence

Professional Formula

Homeopathic support for heat-fragile amino acids and vitamins lost in modern methods of cooking. Contains a full range of amino acids from vegetable and sea life sources.*

Adults: One full dropper under the tongue 30 minutes from meals, twice daily or as directed by a health care professional. 

Children: 4-12 One half adult dose.

Infants: Consult a health care professional.

Serving Size: Varies

Ingredients Per Serving:
Nori 2X 
Agar Agar 2X 
Chondrus crispus 2X 
Spirulina 2X 
Laminaria 2X 
Dulse 2X 
Fucus vesiculosis 2X 
Panax quinquefolius 2X 
Hydrocotyle asiatica 2X 
Polygonum multiflorum 2X 
20% Alcohol 
Purified water

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