Mindfullness with Kasia Olszko

We are delighted to be affiliated with Kasia Olszko and chose her among many experts in this field not just for her authentic teaching techniques but also for her spiritual warm personality that has the ability to make anyone feel at ease to clear their mind and be able to feel the true benefits of Mindfullness meditation.

Kasia expertise

Mindfulness Coach  Meditation Ambassador  Leadership Expert  Clarity Architect  Speaker


Kasia bio

After years in performing arts and TV production Kasia became an accredited Mindfulness Based Awareness Coach, Meditation Instructor and Emotional Well-being Coach.  She has a profound belief in the powerful effects mindfulness based practices can have on our physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. She strongly believes that we can all feel more in control over our lives and tap into inner peace and knowing that is already in us.


On her path she helped and inspired many people through her talks, workshops, personal coaching programs, guided meditations and an online course - One Month Mindful.  Nothing brings her more joy than empowering others to live a happier and more meaningful life.  She is most fascinated by neuroplasticity of the brain, the ways we can tap into our natural creativity, self-heal and rewire our brain for positivity. 
Kasia programs


 Rewire your brain and turn towards a happier place

 This course is your 1st step into the world of mindfulness. If you feel it might be time to slow down and reconnect to yourself, if you are ready to stop rushing and living on autopilot and start living with more purpose and clarity you are in the right place.

 We can all become more in control of our lives and we all have the capacity to rewire our brain and experience more ease, joy and inner calm. You can tame your mind and understand your emotions better and in the result become a happier human being.

 This course will walk you through several tools, which you can start implementing in your life immediately. It will give you a new perspective, fuel your curiosity and start you off on the journey to a more peaceful YOU and a more mindful life…  a life worth living.

How does it work?
Each week, you will receive an email introducing a new topic. Attached to it will be worksheets and/or recorded meditation with your practice for the week. Midweek you will receive a second email with more inspiration and resources. This will help you stay on track, dive deeper and reflect on your personal practice and inner landscape.


Week One – Mindful Pause
Week Two – Look inside
Week Three – Accept & Let Go
Week Four – Gratitude & Attitude




 Duration: 1 month   |   Delivery : via email
o   2 weekly messages, which educate, guide and inspire change, coming directly to your mailbox
o   weekly practice ideas with specific worksheets and/or guided meditation, to support you on your personal journey
o   recorded audio summary of the course which allows you to create a feasible practice plan going forward + bonus material to help you stay inspired and motivated.