Shop for Physician's Strength

Shop for Physician's Strength


Zolvit™ supports the immune system of the skin. Ideal for use with all skin types for a variety of applications. Zolvit skin oil is the natural way to support skin health. Zolvit™ contains phytochemicals that support the continued health of the skin.


Product Info-

Ingredients: Supercritical wild oregano P73, steam-distilled wild oregano P73, extra virgin olive oil, wild bay leaf oil, wild black seed oil.

Suggested Use-

Apply to any skin region as needed. Cover with a Band-Aid or cotton. May stain clothing. Avoid contact with genitals and eyes. Keep away from children.


For topical use only. Zolvit™ is a fast acting formula designed for easy applications. It combines two estractions of P73 wild oregano with EVOO, wild bay leaf oil, and Mediterranean black seed oil.