Tender Tape 2"

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Comfortable, gentle protection.

All Terrain®’s Tender Tape offers excellent conformability, which firmly secures dressing on wounds. Perfectly stretchy and breathable and leaves no residue on skin. It has the manner of “sticks to itself – not to skin or hair”, effectively!

• Firmly secures dressing on wounds
• Excellent conformability
• Stretchy and breathable
• Sticks to itself, not to skin
• Latex-free, great for sensitive skin
• 1 roll (2 in. x 5 yds. stretched). (2 in. x 2.2 yds un-stretched)


Product Info-

Suggested Use-
Application Directions: Clean and dry skin. Cover area with non-stick pad. Wrap with Tender Tape™ to secure the pad and help keep out dirt and contaminants. Overlap tape and press onto underlying layer to keep end in place.
WARNING: Wrapping too tightly could impair circulation. If Tender Tape™feels too tight, remove and wrap again.